World Book Day Ideas

It’s World Book Day today and as it’s celebrating it’s 20th birthday, I thought I would write a short blog post with some ideas for costumes and activities for your little ones.

Costume Ideas

Where’s Wally – simple, red and white stripped top, black glasses, red bobble hat, and blue jeans.

Fantastic Mr Fox – fox face paint or mask, blue jeans, shirt and waistcoat fox ears on a headband and a long furry tail.

Harry Potter – white shirt, grey trousers, tie, grey jumper/cardigan, glasses, and a lightning shaped scar.

Alice in Wonderland – a few options here; Alice, Mad Hatter, Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee, Queen of Hearts or White rabbit. All fairly simple to put together using normal clothes.  Alice needs a blue dress with a white pinny ad a black hair ribbon.  White rabbit needs to be all in white with a red cardigan or jacket with bunny ears.  The Tweedle twins require a yellow top, red trouser and hat, with a blur ribbon pinned to centre of top.  Black and red dress with gold crown and some face paint for the queen, and the Hatter needs a random mish-mash of colourful clothes topped off with a bright tall top hat.

Elmer – A little more work but pretty straightforward and very effective, just pin lots of squares of coloured fabric to their clothing add elephants ears and trunk.

Peter Pan – Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are great book costumes ideas, green top and leggings underneath a green top cut with zig-zag edging. Add a hat with red feather for Peter and fair wings for Tink.



  • Create bookmarks – cut strips of card and draw colourful designs that you can use in your reading or give as a gift.
  • Food tasting – taste all the food from the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Go for a walk – take your little one on a walk through the woods and look for fairies, or try to find Stick Man or go on a bear hunt.
  •  I Spy – play an alphabet version of the game, get them to work their way through their phonic sounds or the alphabet (this will also help identify areas for support).
  • Paint – paint pictures of their favourite book characters or talk about fairy tale bullies, why are they nasty, how could they have been nicer, and draw them.
  • Make Snow paint – 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 cup water.  Great for pre-writing skills, have fun!

That’s all for now guys, hope these have given you some ideas for simple things to create and do this World Book Day.

See you soon

Steph (Bujo Bear)




Fall Activities with Toddlers and Preschoolers: Part 2 | Mum’s The Word

Hey Guys,

I promised you all a second blog on more activities to do with your little ones during this change of season and generally throughout the rest of year! So here we go;

Dressing Up/ Imaginative Play20160423_140927

Now to the untrained eye, my son would simply look as if he’s dressed up as a firefighter.  Well if that’s what you thought you’d be wrong, as he is very clearly a bumblebee, as I was promptly and almost forcefully told when I had the audacity to make that error myself!  This invoked a full hour of bee related play, buzzing around, ‘chasing’ flowers and having a filling snack of honey on toast to warm him as he watched The Hive at snack-time.



Now this is not just for fall, but it is truly underrated activity between a parent and child in my opinion.  It opens itself up to lots of other activities all linked to the story.  For example, my son loves Funnybones which is why for Halloween we all dressed as skeletons and were the characters.  It also made him curious about his body and he likes to repeat the initial rhyme on journeys out (In a dark dark town, there was a dark dark street etc), this helps develop his language skills and recall and lets him become involved in the story.


Nature Trail/Bear Hunt/ Puddle Jumping20160112_142603

This sounds so simple, too simple to be effective but it really is, it’s all about how you pitch an idea to children.  If you ask them to go on a walk, some may be less than enthusiastic to the idea, but I bet if you asked them to go on a bear hunt in a local woods or jump in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig or go on a nature treasure hunt, they would jump at the chance or at the very least be more accepting of idea!  Put on their wellies and take spare clothes and watch the glee on their faces at being allowed to jump in puddles of mud without fear of being told to stop.  Gather a small butterfly net and go hunting a bear in your local woods, let them try to climb a tree and get dirty and even if they don’t find one, maybe you could ‘see’ a fairy along the way or see what woodland creature you do meet along the way.  Take them on a nature trail to find the treasures of nature; a pine cone, conkers, different colour and shaped leaves, look out for worms and ants.  Take some paper and crayons and do some tree rubbings.  They will love exploring nature.

Hope these ideas give you some inspiration for the fall, and I’ll be back soon.

Steph – Bujo Bear 🙂


Fall Activities with Toddlers and Preschoolers (part one) | Mum’s the Word

Hey Guys,

Welcome to another edition of my Mum’s the Word blog posts, I decided I hadn’t done one for a while and wanted to share some of the things that myself and my little boy have been up-to during the fall season.  Now the change in season brings all manner of new activity ideas to keep your little one entertained indoors and outdoors.  So here’s my list;

Water Playimg-20160520-wa0004

I put down some towels and some newspapers, got a big plastic bowl, filled it with water (lukewarm is nice and won’t let them get too cold).  I handed him a plastic jug, a slotted spoon and some pound shop plastic garden pots and sponges: and just let him play.  He thought it was brilliant he was allowed to play with water and get wet without fear of being told to stop.  Cheap and cheerful 🙂


Jigsaws, puzzles and games are under-rated hugely in my opinion.  They are educational and fun, a perfect combination.  I tend to have three or four things lined up to play for example; I’ll start with a jigsaw puzzle then when he’s had enough, I switch to a simple card based game like snap or a memory game, then I’ll get out a simple board game like Snakes and Ladders or Jenga, you may think they are too hard but you’ll be surprised by how much they will pick up if you model the game first (literally show them what to do) and it’s great for reinforcing turn-taking.

Utilize Local Amenities20160810_110148

Jackson loves visiting our local museum, there are always new exhibitions on to keep them engaged and entertained.  We also visit are local library, they have rhyme time sessions in English and in Welsh for children under the age of 5.  Jackson loves going to these sessions and singing songs, he enjoys choosing a book to take home each time to read at bedtime, they also have giant foam building blocks and little hiding places are children to play.  It’s free to join and once they are a member, you can borrow books and use their child-safe computer facilities.  Libraries are a major untapped resource.  As is the beach!  We are fortunate enough to live about half an hour from the beach, so we put on our wellies and big coats and head down the beach via our local bus.  We spend hours running, drawing in the sand, collecting seashells to paint upon our return home.  Its fantastic and all the see air will guarantee a good night’s sleep.


Cooking and Baking


Kids love baking and exploring food.  I find they are more interested in eating food if they have had a hand in making or preparing it.  Making cupcakes or cutting out shapes for biscuits or decorating pizzas are all fantastic ways to get children interested in food.  Teach them how to weigh and measure, and what ingredients are needed for each meal.  These valuable life skills will serve them well throughout their lives.

So that’s it, just a few ideas of the kinds of activities kids can get involved in during this new season.  I may make this a two-part blog and I have loads more ideas.  Keep your eyes peeled for part two.  See you soon guys!

Steph- Bujo Bear 🙂

Disneyland Delights

Hey Guys,

So I’m back after a fantastic family holiday to Disneyland Paris.  Now being the planner that I am, everything was meticulously planned well ahead of time.  I kept notes of important information like holidays details, passport info etc.  I also being the mum of a three year boy made a list of the locations of all toilets in Disneyland Paris and very handy it was too.  I made itineraries for the days we were there, taking into account the rides closed for maintenance, rides with height restrictions the kids didn’t meet and the times of shows and parades etc.


Now on the whole, I think it was a roaring success *woo woo, pat on the back*, there was just one problem: my coeliac disease.  Now, since I was diagnosed three years ago it hasn’t been too big of an adjustment.  Once I learnt what was naturally gluten free and what could be a risk it was easier to manage, and people often ask if I cheat and just nip out for a Krispy Kreme doughnut when I feel like one.  But I’ve never felt like this was an issue, I wasn’t on a diet by choice trying to loose wait and craving those foods.  Do I miss a Chinese takeaway?  Yes, of course, but I know if I was to ‘cheat’ I’d be severely ill and it would cause damage to my body on a level most people don’t understand.  I’m not gluten free because it bloats my stomach when I eat too much bread, the internal damage to my stomach took over two years to heal and I don’t intend on putting myself through that any time soon.

Now most places in the UK cater well for those of us with food allergies/intolerances etc, Disneyland Paris is not quite up to scratch… however, yes folks however!  I managed to eat very comfortably and was not ill once over the course of my holiday.  The bonus?  I didn’t have to eat those dreadful Natama special allergen meals which covers 16 allergies and tastes like a cold wet sock and looks like awful baby food.


This was my first night’s meal at Disneyland Paris in Planet Hollywood which has a FULL gluten free menu this was a barbecue bacon cheeseburger with chips with a gluten free bun… Oh my god!  This was heaven on a plate, needless to say I went back to again as on offer they had grill options, pasta, burgers, salads, pizza all gluten free.  This is your safest bet travelling in Disneyland Paris for gluten free and had a kids menu.


Your next safest choice of restaurant in Disneyland Paris is the Rainforest Cafe, this was their Shiva Curry, a prawn and vegetable curry with rice.  Very tasty and filling and naturally gluten free.  They had a good 6 or 7 options available of naturally gluten free menu options with no cross contamination. Again, I had no issues and it was delicious.

King Ludwig’s Castle was the other safe place to eat, with a full allergy breakdown available I had steak and chips.  I did note however that on their kids menu sausage and chips and chocolate mouse were gluten free. My son had both these options and I checked them, you know for poison, and they were lovely.


So there we have it, some places to eat in Disneyland Paris that cater for gluten free, be warned avoid Cafe Mickey like the plague!  If need be for character dining, go for breakfast.  It’s cheaper, more choices for gluten free (fruit and yogurt) and I took granola with me.

Hope you guys found this blog helpful and interesting.  See you soon.

Steph @ Bujo Bear 🙂


September Slump

Hey Guys,

So I’m sorry for my absence on social media for the past month, September has not been a good month for me.  Not that anything bad has really happened, it has just been non-stop hectic and as a result I have fallen off the wagon completely with everything.  My poor bullet journal has become neglected, my time spent writing has seriously dwindled into oblivion and my exercise schedule has been completely non-existent from the start!  However, its is onward and upwards for the month of October I have lots lined up for the month ahead.  Lots of blog posts planned, loads of writing and bullet journaling (my precious….) has already begun, YouTube videos planned weekly for the month ahead as well as a special announcement at the end of this month.

Super excited to share all my crazy adventures and misadventures throughout the month, my September Slump will heroically morph into Outstanding October!

See you soon

Steph – Bujo Bear 🙂

Top Five Picture Books | Mum’s the Word

I have decided that since a big part of my life is being mum to a rambunctious little boy and wife to a caring, crazy oh-so-cool dude, that some of my blog should relate to them in some way or another.  So in order to shake things up, when a blog is family related I will include Mum’s the Word in the title.  Now a big part of my life is books and being the bookworm that I am, I have imparted onto my son a love of stories.  So here are my (current) top ten picture books;

  1. I Need A Wee by Sue Hendra – this is Jackson’s current favourite book. It’s about a knitted teddy called Alan who really needs a wee, but has a tough time trying to find somewhere to have a wee.  It’s so funny I can’t resist doing loads of funny squeaky voices which my little boy finds great.  Jackson also loves joining in with Alan’s repeated desperate phrase “I NEED A WEE!”20160829_093945

2. Elephant Wellyphant by Nick Sharratt – Now I think its safe to assume that children with a love of animals usually have a favourite, well my little boy’s favourite animal is an elephant (no contest!).  So when I saw this book in a school book club, I knew I had to get it for him.  It offers various phrases which ‘rhyme’ with elephant, e.g., gypsy fortune tellerphant, two wings and a propellerphant etc.  Along with its various illustrations of various kinds of elephants, this is a regular read at ours.20160829_094013

3. Knight Time by Jane Clarke and Jane Massey – This was a gift for Christmas last year from Jackson’s auntie and uncle, it is a very sweet story perfect for bedtime about a little knight and little dragon who are both scared of each.  However, when they meet they discover they have a lot more in common than they thought and become friends.  Such a cute story – thumbs up!20160829_095904

4. How to Grow a Dinosaur by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves – I got this book because I had bought a previous picture book by this storytelling duo, Supermarket Zoo, which was fantastic!  Jackson loves dinosaurs and found the idea of planting seeds to grow a Jurassic jungle and accompanying creatures amazing and led to us gardening today.  We opted for carrot seeds and daffodil bulbs but still, you never know what could appear in the garden…20160829_094036

5. Cinderellephant by Emma Dodd – Yes another story featuring an elephant, I told you he loved them!  This animal edition of a classic fairy-tale has been a firm favourite  in our family for over a year and is still going strong.  Jackson loves the transformation from Cinders in rags to beautiful ‘princess’, as he calls her.  Of course, this story is also complete with a full range of hilarious voices and is a regular at bedtime with Jackson (and mummy).20160829_095914

Hope you enjoyed!

Please feel free to comment with more ‘Mum’ related blog suggestions you would like to see from me.

See you guys soon – Steph (Bujo Bear)

It’s Okay

So a few weeks ago I made a Creativity Calendar, which was a layout in my bullet journal designed to keep me on top of all of my creative projects as I was juggling so many of them.  Now for the first two weeks I was doing great, I was on top of my writing schedule, editing my friend’s book often and posting regular blogs and vlogs… this week however I fell off the wagon in tremendous fashion as a result of my husband being on holiday from work.  We, as a family, took full advantage of the sunny weather (a rare occurrence during summertime in Britain) and took off on several days out; exploring new places, having fantastic adventures and creating some amazing memories.  But when I returned to my bullet journal I was disheartened to discover how little I had accomplished that week when it dawned on me, I had had a jam-packed which I thoroughly enjoyed and wouldn’t change a moment of for all the tea in China (and I really LOVE tea)!  That was when I realised: it’s okay not to blog about life and other things when you are out there experiencing life.  Don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up because you only get one life and we each need to live it on our own terms.

See you Soon

Steph (Bujo Bear)